By Ebony Boadu 

"I'm from Wellington, New Zealand originally. It’s a very very creative place I'd compare it to Melbourne, probably like a smaller version of Melbourne, very creative, very arty. I have a lot of love for Wellington but where you grow up obviously you’re gonna want to expand and evolve from that. 

"I’ve always wanted to tap into my creativity. My dad is a very creative person - he’s a musician, he’s an actor, he’s been a teacher, you could name like 50 different occupations and he’s done them he’s so creative. He’s been in bands before, on TV, in movies, so I knew I had a creative side through him.

 In saying that my mums pretty alternative too. Even though I speak highly of my dad and his creative side honestly he's not around and he never has been. It was my mum who brought me up. She put everything on her back you know, to carry me to become who I am today. She’s a solo mum and when I was I think four or five she dropped everything pretty much, started working part time so she could study law, graduated and became a lawyer. What I've seen her go through is pretty amazing. I have a lot of respect for my mum. She’s done some amazing things, she's been in punk bands before, she's a wild person, she's my style inspiration, she wears like doc martin boots and she's like fifty. 

I guess between the two it’s kind of like a melting pot of someone super creative and someone who’s pretty alternative. So yeah, I’ve always wanted to tap into something that’s within the creative industry or just being able to use my creative mind so I’m starting that’s process I guess."

"I released my first set of caps earlier this year and I’m about to release a second batch. I'd say since a young age the thing that people have always associated me with is hats. It's always been something I’ve loved. Whether it’s a trucker cap, fitted cap, snapback, wide brim fedora, doesn’t matter I love hats. It just got to the stage where I'd seen so many terribly designed hats out there, you know, people wearing fake NBA snapbacks and just horrible hats that I just thought why don’t I just make my own?

I would never ever call myself a designer cause I feel that would be disrespectful to people who have obviously studied within that field and who obviously have a lot more knowledge. For now I’m just having some fun making some caps and just seeing how that goes, seeing where that takes me."


"So the first set of caps were all about protest. They have the communist symbol in the middle and a lot of people kind of thought it was about protesting about communism. But at the end of the day that whole concept to me was more about the representation of society protesting against whatever that may be. It's not necessarily like a protest against the government it's protesting against whatever you don't believe in. You need to let your voice be heard."

"I feel like people need to stop being slaves to society in general, I feel like we’re becoming more and more robotic, we’re becoming like sheep. We have this mindset of what we need to do.

You need to go to school, gradute, go to university, graduate, you need a well paying job and then a mortgage and you need to spend 40 years of your life paying that mortgage. It's not life it's not living.

We’re living in an amazing world where there are so many opportunities. You can do anything, you can literally do anything you want to do and it's becoming sad especially in countries like Australia and like New Zealand where the vast majority of people have you know, every opportunity given to them and then are still stuck in this cycle of basically just plotting along and doing what's just engrained in our brains. So basically I just want people to think, what do they wanna do, what do they wanna achieve and just do it you don’t needa be doing something you don’t wanna be doing."

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