Photography: Ebony Boadu

Edited: Olivia Suleimon


"Something that I have always struggled with is sticking to something and doing it. I feel like I have so many ideas in my head and it's like,

‘Oh I want to do this or, I want to do that,’

and I  can never follow through with it. One of the reasons why could be lack of motivation, another could be the fact that I know I don’t believe in myself as much."

"At the same time, I feel like I'm in a place where I need to be lost. I need to be confused and I need to indulge in that confusion and I need to search.

I need to search deep and hopefully I'll fuckin' find it because it's been really hard. It was when I decided I wasn’t going to be in uni any more, I literally broke the fuck down.  Everyone around me is graduating uni or putting deposits on houses… what am I doing?

 I feel like I can finally face the fear of what I want to do, and I can look at it in the face and I can say I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm terrified, I'm scared but it's ok.  My worst nightmare is being 30 years old and still working in retail and like that’s cool, it's fun, I love it, but if I fucking end up there, I'll die." 

"I think my purpose will have something to do with clothes for sure. 

I feel like people need to have an understanding of what they're wearing, especially Sydney people. There's no culture here, there's no substance,  like everyone is a TV box and there is nothing inside of them. Yeah they look cool and you go up to them, and you want to strike a conversation with them, but it's empty.

I think it's extremely important to have an understanding of why you dress the way that you dress. If you come dressed some type of way and talk some type of way - come correct. Understand what you were trying to do, don’t do it because you’ve seen it and you were inspired to do it and now your doing it - your fucking copying the cunt. Wake up in the morning and wear what the fuck you want to wear because that’s what you felt like wearing, not because it's cool. Make it be genuine."

"I went to fashion week - it was really intimidating. As soon as I walked in to get my ticket, I could already feel people looking me up and down and sizing me up.

I enjoyed it, but at the same time I felt uncomfortable. I was like,

'Oh my god am I wearing the right thing? Is this ok?'

Do the people who have seen me for five seconds and are giving me some type of look, which they probably all fucking approve of because I'm black and got watermelons on my shoulders - but they're giving me this look but -

fuck off I know you think I'm cool."

"I know I have presence, there's something about me that convicts people and makes people ask questions." 

"Advice I would give is to try and fall deeply in love with yourself because hurt people hurt people.

Unconsciously people don’t realise that they repeat a cycle of some sort of way, and when you do repeat a cycle that’s coming from somewhere.

 I’ve done it in a relationship, I took advantage of how much of a good human being he was to me and I cheated on him, but I didn’t realise that I did that, because unconsciously that had been repeated in my parents relationship.  I feel like I had lack of knowledge of what love is and what love is all about.

I think that when you get into a relationship you should understand each other, that they are their own person and together you guys come together and you're forming some sort of a union. When you're in a relationship you are allowing somebody else to be responsible with your heart and you're saying,

'hey look, i'm going to allow you to be extremely vulnerable with me and its going to be ok.'

I think that’s copious amounts of responsibility. "

"I think it's intimidating to have an understanding of who you are, and to have an understanding of what your flaws are all about, and to enjoy those flaws, and to be madly in love with all of your flaws.

I think that’s what I'm still going through. I’m still learning to be madly in love with all of my flaws."