Photography: Ebony Boadu

Edited: Olivia Suleimon

“I’m afraid of not making it. We’re not getting younger so you know, its got to happen otherwise you have to go back to like the normal life. I mean it’s not bad- right now my normal life is just; wake up, studio, record, make beats and then on the weekends go to the club and make some money.”

"A lot of people think I'm too reserved. I don't drink or smoke, people think I'm this big party guy but really I'm just there to get my money and leave."

"I'm quite a shy person, I get real nervous when I'm about to put something out. I care to a point if people hate the music, like if a lot of people aren't feeling it."

“Making music started was when I was doing the SYD kid stuff, we were just dancing, the whole jerk movement thing, and then we ended up in the studio one day, did a song produced by Miracle- the first song ever, and then from there we were just like,

‘Yo, we can actually do this.’”

"A lot of my music is about past relationships I guess. I don’t even try and make a song about that, it just happens all the time. Whenever I start writing I just start talking about girls. I really need to like not talk about relationships, because I don’t really like it. I mean I haven’t been in a lot of relationships so it's like… I’m basing it off that one relationship that was bad, and it’s funny because I got my ex to be in the video for ‘Drive me crazy’. "

“It wasn’t easy in the beginning, we had to hustle for shows. At first we were just like dancing on the streets and stuff and then we would see promoters just walking by with flyers, just handing them out and then we would be like,

 ‘Yo we can promote for you if you give us a slot, like a 5-10 minute slot.’

 That’s what happens when you’re on the hustle.”

“My mum worked two jobs, she would work a night shift, come home, make food and then go again to work in the afternoon and then do it all over again. She’s a nurse, an aged care nurse- she works for different homes around my area. It's like if my mum can work this hard and she’s like killing herself, I can do it too.”