Lucy Blay for Izmzmag.com

Photos by Tahmid Nurullah

Edited by Ebony Boadu

"I’m half Ghanaian half Australian. It’s funny because whenever I was in Australia I was always considered black which is fine I’m totally cool with it. But then going to Ghana five years ago or something, I was considered white so I was like, shit… no matter where I am I don’t fit it, but its cool. I don’t know any different. "

"I cut my hair a few years ago, for cancer actually. I wanted to do it for a while and my friend said she'd support me if I did it for cancer and so I had to be accountable once I took the first $5.

It makes you see that somehow you’re exactly the same person with or without hair but people suddenly look at you differently because of it.  People perceive you differently because of how you present. People always say it’s a cool haircut. But I don't think I'm cool."

"When I started modelling I was really terrified of being in front of the camera, I was a bit camera shy so I just started doing test shoots until I wasn’t.

It's funny because I love It but I keep thinking about what im gonna do next because it's something that doesn’t last forever. It's not scary but it's something to think about . I've studied communications, PR and advertising. I might get into media. I love the creative industry. And I think personally that im not outwardly creative I don’t paint I don’t sing I don’t do any of those awesome things but I like to be around creative people. I like being able to be apart of things and that’s the reason I wanted to get into modelling in the first place. I wanted to be a part of these beautiful photographs."

“I hate letting people down, its scary to let them know cause when people re emotional especially you cant control how they’re going to react emotional and there’s nothing you can really say. The last time I was scared was when I let my friend down and had to let them know. 

I hate disappointing people but it's more like a moral thing, if I say that I can do something I like to follow through and also I think my close friends expect that I wont let them down because they know that it's important to me. They know that my word means a lot to me.

 I think that at the end of the day you have all of this material stuff but if you don’t have your word… So yeah, I think that gets you far in lots of personal situations."

"I had an argument with my mum and I was going to meet her out and see some live music and then I told her I wasn’t going to come. Then I was like ‘that’s terrible she birthed me!’ and I jumped in my car and I ran and I met her. Sometimes it's really hard to follow your own kind of moral system when you feel upset or angry about something but I think that when you realise it's important to make up for it."