Linda for izmzmag.com

Photos by: James Juranke

Edited by: Ebony Boadu

Q: Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like? 

"I was born raised in Melbourne. I am currently studying at university
in Melbourne hopefully majoring in construction with a diploma in German. However I spent the earliest years of my childhood in China with my grandparents until I started kindergarten. This disconnection from my parents has led me to being quite independent throughout my life. I never liked school and experienced a lot of bullying due to my appearance and my clothing. I think this is largely the reason why I am so pedantic about my outfits probably more so than most people would be."

Q: What is something you’re struggling with right now?

"Anxiety has always been something that has held me back whether it being social anxiety, university or at the workplace. Anxiety is definitely an issue that is not taken as seriously as it should be." 

Q: When has there been a time when you’ve had to overcome something?

"Growing up I had a lot of difficulty accepting my cultural identity but in recent years I have finally learnt to accept it and have realised that it is a fundamental part of my being and I am proud of my heritage." 

Q: When was a time when you felt most afraid in your life?

"Right now. I am afraid of the transition into being an adult and afraid of the future. What comes after university?"

Q: What has been the happiest moment of your life so far?

"It is really difficult to pinpoint a certain moment but my time travelling in Japan last year definitely is on the list. Being immersed in a different culture is truly a remarkable experience."

Q: What advice would you give right now?

"Be kind! Be kind to everyone. Being nice is cool."