By Ebony Boadu

"It might sound heaps narcissistic but I think it’s so important to love yourself. Not enough people do. So many people think so low of themselves and it just upsets me. Just because you don’t have 50,000 followers on instagram doesn’t mean you’re not someone. We’re all here and we all have some kind of purpose and we all interact with each other and it's just sad seeing suicide rates especially in western Sydney suburbs and young kids not thinking very much of themselves."


"There have definitely been times where I’ve struggled to love myself. Especially after filming for top model. I signed to IMG worldwide and felt like, an immense amount of pressure. Photographers would be really picky and even in terms of just where I was from as well. I’d introduce myself to people like photographers or at castings and things and when they’d hear that I’m from Blacktown they’d make a face or a noise or roll their eyes and it just made be feel shit but it’s not like I chose the society I was going to be born into. I suppose that’s why I empathize with a lot of people from like ‘struggle street’ or people from ‘the Druitt’ or even people that others would call junkies, they’re just people to me, that have made life decisions and are now in a bad spot."

"I’m studying a double degree of international studies and law. I’m in my fourth year, so one more but then I wanna apply for honors. I like studying which is weird because in high-school I hated teachers, I hated studying, I hated school, just like everything about it and then randomly I went to uni and I was like oh my God I love it. I suppose growing up and seeing the power of education and the fact that I have it and a lot of people don’t is what changed my perspective."


"I grew up in a home where my mum was really oppressed and suppressed and I watched my dad do that to her and then I’ve just grown up and I don’t know why but the universe must just be putting things in my life that are inspiring me to want to make change. So I think that’s why I’m studying what I am, so I can have some kind of background to maybe push for legislation that’s more helpful for women in domestic violence situations and things like that."


"In 10 years, I wanna be working for the United Nations and pretty high up. After my honors I wanna get my PHD, my doctorate in law and then I wanna be able to walk into the United Nations and to speak on a topic clearly and in an influential way. I want people to be able to take me seriously as a woman from the Western suburbs of Sydney – who’s a role model of women’s rights in Australia. In 10 years I wanna be heard by people who can actually help implement change around the world."


"I think it all goes back to my upbringing, I’ve seen really bad things in my life, my dad was in the Rebels and so I’m like a bikies baby and I just feel like why else would I have such a shit childhood if I wasn’t going to turn around and make it different for someone else?

Whether you believe in Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, whatever God you believe in or entity or whatever I think everyone has a purpose and so you’re given whatever you’re given in life in order to learn from that and grow from that and help others with the same issues."

   @Jadiedaisy on INSTAGRAM 

@Jadiedaisy on INSTAGRAM