Jade Chung for izmzmag.com

Photos by: James Juranke

Edited by: Ebony Boadu

Q: How did you become a tattoo artist?

"When I graduate high school I took a gap year before going to university. I got my first job as waitress and one day a customer with a lot of tattoo came in, so I asked where he got them, and he told me that he was a tattoo artist. The next day, I got a tattoo from him and asked to be his apprentice. I learnt for a while before going to university then after I started school I had no time to learn. So after two years I decided I wanted to be a tattoo artist, quit school and gave up the degree. "


Why did you start tattooing? 

Because I love to draw, I love art, and I feel like a tattoo is a very beautiful and romantic thing! Tattoos are like a self portrait of a persons soul.

Q: If you could tattoo anyone who would it be? 
"I want to tattoo my mother, Id give her flower tattoo for every daughter she has, but she's afraid of needles."

Q: You also model! Tell us a how that all came about? 

"I was asked by MOTHER Magazine in Japan to be apart of a project, so I went to my first casting for that and was chosen. When I first started I was afraid of not being chosen for a lot of projects because in Hong Kong there's only one definition of beauty and I don't really fit with it. But I use my differences to gain attention and so far its working quite well!"