J.R Jospehs

By Olivia Suleimon

"Something im struggling with at the moment is the concept of money. A guy that I used to work with told me that my biggest downfall is that I have no apprecitation for money. Not because I go out and spend it but I just have no care to make it.  

The concept of money is evil, like I do music and people think it may be for superstardom and fame but that’s actually nothing behind what i'm actually trying to achieve. My only thing is to leave a legacy, like a Bob Marley legacy or a Micheal Jackson legacy obviously their superstars but if you don’t aim for the stars then where would you land? You’ll just land back on the gravel."

"I'm aiming high, I want to leave a legacy so that in 50 years time when i'm dead, they will still be playing my music, they will still be talking about 'J R Jospehs', and 'Kingdon Come' will still be a fully functioning, well respected major record label. I don’t need money to achieve that because when I die, I’m not an ancient Egyptian where I take my riches with me.

That’s the one thing that I’ll probably struggle with till the day I die, but if that’s the only issue that I’ve got in life then that’s fine because I weren’t born with money, I didn’t come out of the womb with a job. 

 I understand that you have to work and you have to earn and you have to live, but if I die tomorrow (touch wood) I can say that I was happy because I died trying to create and trying to build something. "

"I studied to be a mortgage adviser and my mum had a painting and decorating company so I used to work with her and I also tried out  plumbing. Its not like I haven’t tried other jobs to know that they’re not for me, when I was doing those other jobs, in my mind it was just about keeping money in the bank so that I could then go on to pursue music.

Its like with a kid and you ask that kid what they want to be when they’re older and they know exactly what their dream is but then something happens in that kids life, they start to lose that dream and then start to think about getting a stable job or whatever. But I’ve never lost that hunger and that passion for music, it’s always been with me."

"I always thought one day im going to wake up, someones going to tell me to come into the studio, because I never had a studio to go to, so I thought someones going call me and tell me to come to the studio, they believe in me and from there my music career would just flourish. "

When I got to 21 and 22 that’s when I realised that idea that I would just wake up one morning and become a superstar and my music would be out there reaching the millions, I realised that it wasn’t going to happen unless I started doing something about it. That’s when I started to get a lot more serious and started putting music out regulary and building up the fanbase and stuff like that. Its been a long time coming but you also have to appreciate the stages that its taken me to get to where I am, because I went through a lot of stuff to actually realise you have to focus and be dedicated and passion and love and talent doesn’t mean nothing if you haven’t got the work ethic to go with it. Nothing in life comes easy. "

"My mum always told me and my brother from when we was younger that if you want to do anything make sure you be the best at it, so if im going to do music I have to be the best at it. I don’t want in 10-15 years to look back and be like that guys just performed at Glastonbury and he’s terrible, or I could have done better. "

"My passion for music can be a burden at times, a friends mum told me to,

            ‘Let it go, because when you love something so much it actually makes it harder to make it flourish because youre holding onto it too tight, so let it go.’"