"Growing up I was a cry-baby. I was shy and a mama's boy, I didn’t really go out much and I still don’t - I don’t know, I just like to keep to myself, I guess I’m a bit reclusive. I enjoy being by myself, I go out from time to time but I’m just at the point where I don’t wanna be out there every weekend; not that it’s a bad thing, I just don’t enjoy it in the way that other people do. I’d rather be blogging, trying to find inspiration… Say I got an event coming up, I like to think ahead, I enjoy the art of dressing up." 

"Fashion to me is a form of good manners, how you present yourself. I just love looking good, I’m not trying to sound cocky and shit but I just enjoy it. I was brought up that way. My mums a seamstress so she used to dress us up every morning, for church and all that. It’s just something I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember. All four of my siblings have just always been doing that."

"Before my fashion was really inspired by Theophilus London, so I picked up a fair bit of his stuff. Before him it was the guys from 'Street Etiquette' but now, the way I see style in comparison to then is completely different. It's just however you feel. I guess it changed from imitation to more of an expression of who I am. If your style's from within, it's unconventional, it's different from the norm, I don’t wanna say original because original doesn’t exist but you know, it becomes your own. 


"I’m going back to Ghana at the end of this year. I haven’t been back for over a decade. 25th of October will be my 11th year in Australia. I just wanna see how it’s changed and I gotta go see my Grandpa and my family and my friends.
One of the saddest days of my life was when I found out that a mate that I knew back in Ghana passed away in a car accident. We used to be pretty close and yeah she just passed away, just like that, it just happened. It was one of my really down moments, it was awful. I’d known her since I was really young and even though we only talked from time to time I haven’t really had anything that effected me like that did. I guess I haven’t had a lot of people close to me that have passed away." 

"One of the happiest days of my life? I guess when I was finally with someone I longed to be with. It was brief, maybe 6, 7 months. I’d say then…"

"I guess what they both taught me is to invest in yourself and don’t get too attached. Just be, just be in the now, enjoy now. Don’t worry about what happened back then or what tomorrow holds because who knows if you’re even gonna make it.

I believe there’s a higher power and that you gotta give thanks to him whenever you wake up because each day is a present - really, it’s a gift. It’s all about right now, people who actually know me know that I'm all about living for right now. I wanna enjoy wherever I'm at or whatever I'm doing. Not sweat too much about tomorrow." 

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