Photography: Ebony Boadu

Edited: Olivia Suleimon

"I had a meeting with Gelatissimo today, they want to ride the viral wave for a bit and make a video of me throwing ice cream." 

"I made a video of throwing things into other things… it sounds so stupid, it was just like a Snapchat, I don’t know… some people are really good at Snapchat some of us just aren’t. So I was like what could be something that’s entertaining for people and I just threw this thing in the rubbish bin and it took off from there. I ended up doing really hard stuff that took me ages and then a few people were like you’ve got to put them altogether in a compilation and I did and I posted it and everyone saw it. "

"I’m a minister at a church, I prefer the term pastor; it sounds nicer. I work at a church, I preach every now and then, I look after the young adult side of church, 18 years +, we have a lot of fun. It's just kind of connecting with people and helping people grow through that weird age of life, where it's like i'm an adult and I still want to have fun and yeah that's my job, i'm a minister at a church."

"I'm still trying to figure out the boundaries with social media and my job. I've done a few instagram posts in the past that were boredline or were just not wise to post, because I think part of my job is being an example. It's not that I was doing anything bad, it was more of what are people perceiving, because people tend to draw in their own stories when they don’t have the full picture. In our social media area of life, it's kind of un-touched, we just post whatever without ever really thinking about it. I think sometimes it's important to think what are people percieveing, because sometimes that’s their reality and if its not true it's like maybe I shouldn’t do it. Most of the older guys here are pretty supportive in a confused way. They still have no idea whats going on but they appreciate it."

"I don't feel pressure to create another viral video; I feel happy that I kind of have a bit of a platform now, because people have started watching old videos that i've been doing forever and now its more of an encouragement to make some new stuff. I’m always trying to think how can I entertain people. The bigness of that one video, you can't recreate that, so I don’t feel pressure to recreate it because its like a once off but i'm just keen to make good stuff now, stuff that people will like and they’ll tell me if they don’t so its good…and scary." 

"I've had a pretty blessed life, but I guess what I want for my life is that no matter what I will always trust god in it. Some people get the wrong idea, they’re like,

‘You’re a Christian because your life’s cool.’


"You don’t have any problems."

But you look at the people who are the opposite, their life sucks, everyday for them is a struggle, health-wise their in and out of hospital with complications all the time and for some of them they’re the most faithful people I know, because of how they talk about god through all that, like that’s legit. I can say God's awesome and you can be like,

"Yeah but you’re life’s fine."

But to say that God's awesome when your life sucks, that’s like next level. And I want to be that guy which, kind of sucks because i'm like hoping for my life to suck, but everyones life will suck at some point and its like will you still stick around when it gets hard and that’s what I want."