Photography: Ebony Boadu

Edited: Olivia Suleimon

"Anyone who knows me knows that I’m off-kilter but in a way that doesn’t segregate me from actually making friends. My biggest fear is being boring or being seen as boring, if someone was like,

‘Have you met Lil? She’s really nice.’

That just wouldn’t sit well with me. I think with ‘nice’, anyone can be nice, anyone can pretend to be nice, it’s not very genuine to be described as nice because there is so much more to a person. I think it's just a couple ranks up from being boring."


"It’s so easy to be yourself and I don’t think people see that,  so I’ve just taken it to the extreme and shown people that you set your own benchmark. I think if you go into situations being really confident and being really secure, people only believe it because that’s what you show them. Why would you show a stranger your off day? It doesn’t make any sense to me."

"Being known and being polarizing is very interesting to me; I love Kanye, I love that people don’t like him and I love that he knows that people don’t like him. He’s so secure in himself and he’s willing to kind of blur these lines of hypocrisy and being genuine and being an artist and having this sort of illusion of self grandeur and it just works for him, I think that’s so great. It seems so narcissistic but it doesn’t even offend me because he has set his own benchmark and so everyone else has followed suit. He is no longer going against the grain; he is the grain.

That’s what I am to myself, I am the grain. I would never let someone tell me that I don’t dress the way that they like or I don’t look the way that they think I should, so I think if you promote and push your own benchmark, people just fall in line. "

"People cop way too much flack these days for actually liking themselves. I feel like being really self deprecating was almost cool back in the day, like fake complimenting and liking people more than you liked yourself. I never got it, because if I'm complimenting you, just know that it means something. "

"You start to wonder, why don’t people like themselves? Why is it so cool not to? I decided I’m going to do the opposite of all of that. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m my favourite person. It was probably like a flick of a switch thing, just like setting your own standard and I feel because of that, I can do and say a lot more things and they don’t come across in a bad way. I just don’t want to be that person that promotes that self-deprecating culture. It’s not fun and it’s not cool."

"You know when you come across that girl on your instagram feed wearing no clothes and your like why would she do that? You start to think doesn’t she respect herself? But then you have to flick the switch and be like kudos to her, she actually likes herself and isn’t that something to celebrate?

You just can’t fault people who like themselves. You see two people out laughing or talking really loudly on the bus or something and you think 'that’s so annoying', but since when is happiness annoying? Since when is happiness a nuisance?"

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