Photography: Ebony Boadu

Edited: Olivia Suleimon

"[The painting] is one of my best friend’s Caroline Austin, she’s a model. It’s the first personal work I've done in a long time, it's going to be the first of a new series that I'm going to do on the modelling industry and how it's fucked.  

Someone is beautiful physically and their born into the obligation of pursuing it and using it for their money and worth and then they're scorned for it and shut down and people try and make them feel shit about it.

It’s going to be called victims of composition. Modelling has been part of my life and I have a lot of friends that model, I was scouted but I totally went into it voluntarily and punched at it for years and years. But yeah you do feel like theres a weird pressure, it's like,

'You’re amazing, you’re amazing; fuck you, you’re shit.'

She’s a very good friend of mine and I see a lot of her pain and what she goes through so I started to paint her and the idea came from painting. Usually that’s how it happens, I'll start and not know what I'm doing and then the idea will come to me."

"I started to draw as a form of expression when I was an angsty teen. The first thing I drew that I liked was a picture of myself, this sounds so Blink 182, but I broke up with my boyfriend when I was 15 and I drew how I was feeling. From then I was like ‘whoa I can draw’ and started to draw my friends faces, just pencil portraits, but like really intriquite pain staking drawings. "

"I did a university subject while I was in grade 12, so I’d go to uni while I was still in school on a Friday afternoon. With the merit from that class I got offered a spot at uni from the Queensland Art College, for some reason, because I'm a squirrel brain, I applied for photography instead, which I did for two weeks and hated. I had bought a $2000 camera and all my text books but then I got into Top Model so I left."

"I don’t really talk about my acting so much because it's new, I've only just started but I love it.

I’m a total sucker for self help books and all that shit and spirituality and acting is so that. It’s so introspective and you get to face your shit like you’ve never faced it before and explore connections with other people in a way that’s so intimate and immediate and isolated.

It's the hardest and the easiest, it's really bizarre but really intoxicating. You have to learn how to be the master of your brain and your emotions and your body in order to really believe what you're saying, you can’t fake it, it’s just this incredible psychology. For me, at the moment, it's a really interesting exploration and the most challenging thing I've ever done."

"People are like you're sort of super good at art or whatever, but I don’t really see it like that. I just work hard, I decided that I wanted to be good at drawing and painting so then I just did and that’s why I’ve gotten good. It’s more about doing as much as you can, if you want to do something just do it, and do it, and do it and it will happen. It's not like I’m incredibly gifted in any way, it's just that you put your energy there."

"Something I'm struggling with at the moment is focus. I get passionate about everything. I’m applying myself in three different fields and I get really anxious and overwhelmed because I want to do the best at everything that I’m doing but I cant stand to let any of them go."

"I definitely have a control problem. I was thinking about it and im like,

'No I don’t give a shit, everything is messy, you know, I don’t give a fuck'

but in a way that’s a control thing for me. The fact that I don’t have a solid career path and I've chosen things where I'm in complete control of everything that happens in my life. With my art I can choose when I work, I can choose what I do and I can't stand to give that control to anybody. This is what acting does for you, it gives you perspectives on how you think that you haven’t had before and you're like,

'Wow I never looked at myself in that way'."