Quinn & Jasman



Photography & Video by Ebony Boadu

Edited by Olivia Suleimon

Q: We met off Instagram, I have no idea how we found each other.

J: I have a vague idea …. It was one of your friends that I saw post a picture of you. You were in this playboy top and I was like that’s so hot. It was just your boobs in the top and you were tagged in it and from there I started following you and then you were like 'I want to send you some package and be pen pals!' It was the cutest thing I’d ever seen and no one had said that to me before. Then she sent me a package of some amazing lingerie, it was exactly what I wanted without me even knowing.

Q: Her boobs were perfect for it, I had bought it for myself but my boobs were too small, it was like some PVC top.

J: Then we started actually talking and texting and over Instagram.

Q: When I post a picture I just think of it as a part of the female body that looks beautiful. I don’t post it and think,

"Oh my god, I want to turn all these guys on and accumulate to their spank bank."

Not at all. I just think: this is a pretty photo, I see it as art, I really don’t think when I'm posting it - this is so sexual. I'm thinking this is beautiful.

J: You’re aware of the fact that it may be interpreted in that way but that’s just a consequence of it because that’s just the way guys operate. It would be great if they didn’t take it in such a sexual way, if they could just appreciate it for the beauty of the image and what your displaying and how you choose to style it but they take it in a sexual way and that’s when it becomes a bit unfortunate and elicits unwanted attention  from guys.

Q: That’s the only thing that makes me question it - is seeing those disgusting comments.

J: And hearing what they’re actual attitudes towards it are. They can be extremely misogynistic.

Q: A lot of people are extremely misogynistic towards it and even some girls are like,

‘You fucking slut’.

J: A lot of them don’t understand which then translates into hatred.

J: Some people really appreciate that you are embracing your body but some people have the complete opposite reaction and think that you shouldn’t be able to do that or you’re doing something wrong- a lot of girls seem to have that perspective.

A lot of guys think that you don’t have any self-respect and essentially it's the complete opposite. I think we both respect ourselves and our own bodies a lot and we maintain ourselves a lot and why not share that with other people. 

Q: It's just a body, you have sex and that’s a different thing than being naked. We’re not doing porn and that’s a really big misconception that we’re doing porn. It’s like no, it's my ass in a thong, I don’t have a 12 inch d*** up my ass. It's not porn.

J: There's nothing about it that’s pornographic and yet they choose to see it that way and manipulate it to be that. We’re both just really comfortable with our bodies and being naked. We walk around the house naked all the time, it's just a natural thing and people seem to think it's really odd and obsure and weirdly sexual, but it’s a very natural thing and we find a way to do it that’s appealing and to our own style.

Q: Just because were naked doesn’t mean were horny.

"Q: People are like what are you guys going to do in the future, it's going to come back to haunt you but its like no it's not because i'm already putting it out there. I don’t care about being naked, look at my tits, it's fine.

J: I've got the power to decide who gets to see what. We have control over that and it's not something that we have in any way feared. In a way exploit ourselves where we are comfortable with it so no one else can do it."

Q: We’ve had people call out 'sluts' on the street and yell our instagram names from cars.

J: We get a lot of slut-shaming on a daily basis.

Q: Sometimes I’ll click on their profile and it’s like a girl whose 15 and doesn’t understand. When I was 13 or whatever, I was confused. You’re going through puberty, you’re a bit of a bitch, what are these boobs? Why don’t I have any? Why do I have too much? It’s a weird time and it's ususally from these girls or maybe boys in their school playground looking at our instagram and they’re like,

‘you slut’, but they’re confused.

J: It’s a really poor reflection on that person and their close mindedness.

Q: I believe in re-incarnation so hopefully in their next life they’ll come back as somebody cooler.

J: We would like for women to embrace themselves.

Q: And know that they’re beautiful and everyone has different quirky qualities about their body and you just have to learn to love those and there’s going to be some people out there that are going to try and attack you for your little quirky qualities. 

J: And they’ll try and attack you for being confident about them as well.

Q: I’ve never met a hater doing better than me, ever. Just keep doing you. Be true to yourself, be nice, be kind, be positive and that energy is going to come back to you.

Q: Growing up I've always been obsessed with the female form. My mum always had vogue and fashion magazines, so i'd be looking at that and thinking that’s really beautiful. I felt like I was looking at art from like renaissance paintings.

J: I've always been interested in the way women can become so beautiful and are so beautiful in their natural state and in any state. It seems kind of a waste to not share yourself with people when you know you have more to offer and having people appreciating that and feeling the same way, makes you feel more confident. I never thought people would understand that though and actually feel better about themselves, but it seems that, that’s happened a lot and that’s been great motivation to keep doing posting photos in the face of guys saying nasty stuff.

Q: I would look at Playboys when I was 16 and put all the girls on my wall and feel like they inspired me. I guess seeing someone be so confident naked and looking good makes me be like,

‘No I'm not a slut for doing that.’

Being naked all the time and being comfortable with our body is just a natural state.

Q: Internet culture is for the weirdos that never really connected with anything. I was always weird at school and didn’t have many friends and stuff, but now we’ve kind of found our thing.

J: It's for people who share the same kind of style which is very much influenced by what is on the internet. I remember the first time I went to 'Sidechains' and telling Quinn, 

'I went to this internet party and everyone from the internet was there.'

It was really interesting being there because it's full of people who are familiar with what each other puts online and basically their style and lifestyle, it’s a familiarity with the person before you even meet them. You feel like you know them, you feel like you’ve met them, maybe you’ve had some kind of friendly interaction with them online. It’s a really nice way to then get to know them a bit better or to be in an environment where you feel like people already like you even if they don’t know you very well. It's cool, it's nice.

Q: We don’t really go out though… that’s the only thing; we go out like once a month and that’s it. The rest of the time we're  watching movies and eating Vietnamese food.