Photography: Ebony Boadu

Edited: Olivia Suleimon

“I’m Croatian and Aboriginal- they met at the pub or something in Mt Druitt, I don’t know? One night stand.

It was a secret that I had a different dad to my other siblings till I was like 7. I didn’t know.  She was drunk and she just spilled the beans one night,

I was like,  ‘Fuck, I got a different dad, like who is he?’

She was like, ‘He’s in jail.’

 I’ve never met him.”


“It's pretty much every kids dream in my area to play footy and sports. I remember at school sitting in an assembly and the sports director is like only 3 per cent of rugby league players in the school will crack first grade and I was thinking to myself, 

‘Fuck that, I’m going to be one of them 3%’.

I was training with 20’s when I was 15, I got signed to roosters when I was 13 and I was meant to be signed until I was 20.”

“I was running, I didn’t stretch or warm up or anything, and I was running and it just sounded like a gun shot went off. It just snapped and I was fucked up."

“I struggled in hospital. I thought am I going to come back from this. I full hated myself, and thought why did I have to run that way I could of run this way, shit like that.”

I’ve always been told when one door closes another door opens, and to look at the bigger brighter picture.

The boys were like, ‘it's all good, footy was for you but hey injuries happen, just find another path and go down it’.”

“Ever since I was a kid I’d straighten my sisters hair and just like plait it and play with it. I was just always fascinated by it. Like making people look good, I like that. When I’m like 22/ 23, I want to open up a barbershop and like a barber shop/clothing store- so you can buy jerseys and tall tees and hats and shit. Yeah I want to do that.”

“When I first started I was like fuck, I hope I don’t cut someones ear off- that was my biggest concern.  I was scared of stabbing someone in the back of the neck with a pair of scissors or something, I was worried about hurting someone.

But I’m pretty confident in myself ay. You gotta be confident in what you want and you’ll get it, that’s how I look at stuff.”

“I’ve put a hold on modeling so I can kick start this apprenticeship. The barbershops my dream, it would be fucking epic. I want to get this apprenticeship over and done with and start the shop. I never used to be focused, I used to be a fucking lazy cunt that hangs around and now I don’t have work tomorrow but I’m like,

‘ I want to go to work tomorrow.’ "

"I love it, like I was shampooing this chick’s head and she full fell asleep and I had to like tap her on the shoulder and be like, ‘I’m finished’, just to relax someone felt good. If it came down to the crunch, I would do the barbering and hairdressing instead of modelling. Its just more enjoyable and you can talk to people all day from all different walks of life.”

Andrew Vrankic @ London Management Group